Emerica kenkäjulkkari video

Emerica x Francis Hi x Barrier Kult release party recap video

More militant barrier knifing from Vancouver, BC. Here is a video recap from the Emerica Francis Hi Barrier Kult release party that was held at Leeside skatepark in Vancouver, Canada on Friday  March 18th.


Many moons have appeared in the dark skies over the past year, pulling the tides into undersea oblivion for weird, unknown ages since the last Barrier Kult ritual shoe. Due to the many hordes that spread the plague throughout the new BA. KU. dark ages from the first ritual shoe, the Vancouver, BC hordes have been beckoned to develop a new shoe for the Emerica skateboard black ritual circles.

The first shoe was a written clothing document and scythe of the Deer Man of Dark Woods' dark violent forest nature worship and the Barrier Kult, but the new risen times have called forth the original western Canadian Barrier Kult horde to combine all the black circle plague forces into a totemic all-encompassing Barrier Kult shoe.

The rituals and worship surrounding the early 1980s of elliptical abrupt transitions and banned violent curb blade slashing has led to more influence and design toward the shoe. It shall be a high-top that delves into the common ideologies of battle-acting as armour against the barrier sharpened knife-like noses and tails that stab the ankles into bloody messes. Without protection, the resulting scarred ankle is a look of rotted plague, but not wanted by the Barrier Kult members' black arts violent active practices.

The hordes are now protected by the armour of the shoe itself. A rubber pad taken from the rubber soil trees of old is added to the side of the shoe to enforce the idea of violently kicking at the punished barriers as a kultist rolls into the tight transition ritual. The assault is a human hoof to concrete onslaught that promotes the idea of barrier stabbing, the ultimate in barrier martyrdom and sacrifice. The tailblock, the lapover, the backside grind - monuments of the militant purity black arts upon a barrier.

There are many aspects of cinema and sound arts that led to the imagery and texts of the shoe. Like the old dark houses of the early 20th century, the shoe conjures ideas of night stalking old hallways of barrier-lorn streets. The original Barrier Kult members act as phantoms of abrupt transition slashing, knives drawn and struck upon the barriers of old--barriers of magic, ritual, and sabbat.

Victims of the barrier knifing plague are martyrs to the dark ocean's ages, the graphic scenes of 1930s and ’70s cinema violence that parallel the serious ritual symbology of skateboard barrier violence. Sounds of black arts war militance: Mystifier, Beherit, Root, etc. Cinema of classic old dark house hallway stalking and knife worship: House of Secrets, Phantom of Crestwood, the Crooked Circle, etc. The arts of black arts ritual metal and classic night stalking cinema inspire and build upon the development of the second Barrier Kult Emerica shoe.

Along with the original Vancouver, BC inspiration of group barrier kulting ideology, the WW1 bayonet, the militance of abrupt transitions, and the violence depicted by the knife stabbing of barriers with the blood-shaved knife noses; the second Barrier Kult shoe is a monument to the culting plague spreaders and wood shaved nose knife procurers of the dark coasts.--the Barrier Kult.

Rain or Shine with Kyle Leeper

Mike Manzoori kuvasi Kyle Leeperin kanssa siistin pätkän. Tässä hyvä osoitus, että ei pidä antaa sadapäivien masentaa vaan muuttaa se eduksi!
Kiinnostavaa olisi tietää käyttikö Kyle alla kovia vai pehmeämpiä kruisaus renkaita?

Ei kun katsomaan videota.





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